Tuesday, January 24, 2006

We had a streak of mild weather last week it was like spring time, Nick even played golf on Saturday. It was so great to get outside without snow pants and boots and mittens which fall off every two minutes. I have come to the conclusion that the thing I hate most about winter is dressing squirmy toddlers for the outdoors. It's so funny to run away every time I get out a another article of clothing you must wear as if the process doesn't take long enough anyway. I really do hate it, I hate it more than shoveling, more than chipping ice of the stairs, more than freezing cold weather and more than outrageous heating bills. So it really was great to get out without the ordeal of snowsuits and all the accessories. But even greater than some fresh air was getting a picture of my girls together where they actually look like they know and like each other, that made it a great day, that and how much fun they had at the playground. Molly our little dare devil shot out of that slide like a cannon every time she went down and landed right on her behind but that didn't stop her, although it did stop another boy who saw her come flying out he wouldn't even go up the ladder with his dad. The dad remarked that he couldn't believe how tough she was. That's exactly how tough you can be with an older sister who has been anything but gentle with you since the day you were born. As you can see Ella was too cool to zip up her jacket or wear her hat, this girl has an iron will when it comes to her fashion statements. But she wasn't too cool to help her sister climb up to the big slide every time! It was one of those days that they played so well together and everything was going to smoothly, that is until it was time to go and I knew had spoken to soon.

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