Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The girls have become obsessed with the power puff girls, which is not the greatest show for them to be watching. I will just chalk that up to another battle lost on the parenting front. It's not that bad really, like most of the obsessions that have come and gone in our house they like the characters and their own make believe versions better than the actual cartoon. Before bed each night the whole family participates in the girls own interpretation of the show. We all have an assigned part (they are not interchangeable) Nick is the villain Mojo Jojo, Ella is blossom commander and the leader, Molly is bubbles she brings the joy and laughter, and I am buttercup the fearless fighter. In the performance that ensues we (the powerpuff girls) defeat Mojo Jojo every night, we are saving the world before bedtime just like in the theme song. Both girls really enjoy this part of the routine and Nick does a great job acting out his part, and I am not sure if I should be offended but Ella said I am buttercup because buttercup is the grumpy one.

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