Thursday, April 17, 2008

A New Obsession

Molly's has bid farwell to Dora and is moving on to bigger and better characters, Hello Kitty. She loves to watch the videos and tributes that "grown up's" make and put on You Tube. In all honesty they kind of freak me out, I do not understand any adults fascination or adoration of a oversized cat. But I personally know a few adults who like Hello Kitty and still have respect for them personally so I will give these You Tube video creators the benefit of the doubt maybe they are as normal as the Hello Kitty lovers that I know, and you both know who you are if you are reading this. Along with the videos Molly loves to look up all the Hello Kitty merchandise her parents are depriving her of. This expensive number really caught her eye and she knows she will never actually own one until she can pay the $6,299.99 price all on her own but I thought you might find the reveiws of this product as hilairious as I did. Check it out

Hello Kitty is our new nanny 12/14/2007 - by Berta from Fontana, CA US
I have a twelve year old daughter and a two year old son. I am a single mother that works two jobs just to keep food on the table. Recently, I won a radio contest and was given a Hello Kitty Robot as the prize. And am I glad I did. Since we have invited Hello Kitty (Kiki-as my son calls her), life has been so much easier for everyone. My daughter is no longer the built in babysitter for my son. Hello Kitty does all the work. I always set Kiki to parent mode, and she does a great job. My two year old is already learning words in Japanese, German, and French. I never worry that my pre-teen daughter isn't keeping a good eye on my son, Kiki does that for me. And when I get home the kids are fed, bathed and Kiki is in bed asleep with my son. Thanks Hello Kitty!!!

Like a family member 12/02/2007 - by Rachel La Mar from Claremont, CA US
Robo Kitty is amazing! My 2 yo Max just LOVES his kitty friend. My husband and I are *very* busy lawyers. We leave by 6 am every morning and don't get home until sometimes 10 at night (and don't get me started on all the travel!). We've been through 8 nannies; the first 4 were pretty stressful. After that we got Robo Kitty, and it changed our lives. Max is so attached to her, he barely noticed when we let the last 3 nannies go. The 7th nanny refused to take a pay cut, EVEN THOUGH Robo Kitty did most of the work! Our new nanny is much better; Consuella works for only $7 an hour! Robo Kitty is like another parent at our house. She talks so kindly to my little boy. He's even starting to speak with her accent! It's so cute. Robo Kitty puts Max to sleep, watches TV with him, watches him in the bath, listens to him read. It's amazing, like a best friend, or as Max says "Kitty Mommy!" Now when I'm working from home I don't have to worry about Max asking a bunch of questions or wanting to play or having to read to him. He hardly even talks to me at all! He no longer asks to go to the park or the zoo - being a parent has NEVER been so easy! Thank you Robo Kitty!

Those are just two of my favorite reviews which Nick insists must be a joke I hope for the children of these people it is a joke, the link to the site is below if you wish to read them all.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Dusting Things Off

**Enough of the Elf Family- This one is dedicated to my most loyal fan and possibly the only reader not of blood relation!! Here you go Dan I promise a more regular posting schedule from now on.**
Clearing the cobwebs away and making an apology for my prolonged absence but what can I say life keeps speeding up the pace on me. I feel like a child who has not ridden their bike since last summer so pardon my rusty out of practice writing.
Where to start????
Molly had a urinary tract infection which has been great fun for the whole family. Lets start with the initial visit to her pediatrician. Molly who is usually fine with visiting her much loved pediatrician was protesting the appointment on the car ride over, the complaints became more urgent as we pulled in to the parking lot. We made it in to the building and things seemed to be improving she had sensed her defeat and accepted it with as much grace as any four year old possesses that is until the nurse had the audacity to ask her to urinate in a cup. Peeing in a cup was not what Molly had in mind and as we shut the door to the airplane size bathroom I sensed I was in for a fight. I set my Starbucks cup on the edge of the tiny sink praying it would not spill the "tall" which =very small,overpriced, still full and steaming hot coffee, then placed the clipboard the nurse had given me on the other edge of the sink and had to place my purse on the floor. Yuck, on the floor of a doctors office bathroom I will not even imagine the germs but this was nothing compared to what was in store for me. So as I pull down Molly pants and explain what she needs to do the panic washes over her face. I gave up trying to dechiper Molly's fears a long time ago, the girl is afraid of everything and the simple task of peeing in a cup was just another to add to the list of Molly's ever growing fears. She certainly was not going to hold the cup herself so first I tried to hold the cup in between her legs but she kept pushing it away and clenching her thighs so then I tried another approach and this arrangment actually had the top of my hand submerged in the toilet water, the water where sick people pee. This ranked up there with the time that I looked up from brushing my teeth and in the mirrors reflection saw that I was using the toothbrush I use to scrub the grout along the edge of the toilet and tub, that resulted in a nasty strep infection a few days later. Suffice to say this was a bad start to the day. I am sweating in a small windowless bathroom trying to get a terrified girl to pee in a cup. I even go so far as trying to make a game of it "hey Molly can you pee on mommies hand wouldn't that be funny I bet you can't pee on my hand!" then it was on to the threats "we are never going to Blockbuster again if you don't pee in this cup" I just hope the fan was not drowning out that all of this good entertainment and that the doctors and nurses were able to hear the whole ordeal through the hollow wood door. So we make it through the appointment but obtained no sample so this will be more fun and games for me at home later. I did succeed at home and they were able to diagnose her and get her some medicine. The treatment proved as much fun as the doctors appointment, lets just say that the antibiotics did not agree with Molly's tummy and so Nick and I spent the next ten days cleaning up many accidents and we are not talking about a little pee here. I knew having children would involve a lot of contact with bodily fluid but I had no idea this stage would go on for so long, between bed wetting and sickness I still have almost as much "contact" as I did when I had two little one's in diapers.
On to something a little more pleasant perhaps? Ella has been going through a bit of a stage I guess the developmental theory about 1/2 ages really is true. Both of my children seem to hit bumps in the road around the 1/2 ages. Ella's favorite new phrase is "who cares" she loves to throw this one at me as often as possible. For example Ella please stop pinching your sister, her response "So? Who Cares" I care Ella followed up again by "who cares" you get the idea. In real life it is oh so charming. Easter was lovely when you combine her current attitude with too much sugar. But I know many of you reading love my girls and do not see them nearly often enough so I do not want to blab on and on about the negatives because whatever their few faults they are the most wonderful and charming girls in the world. And Ella is now a charmer with a few less teeth check out the photo!