Monday, March 20, 2006

Things I will miss

Someday the girls will stop mispronouncing their words and I am really going to miss some of their adaptations and creations.
pokey dots=polka dots
As well as cute words I will miss the thought process of the pre-school & toddler set for example-

Ella has been reffering to Nick and I by our first names when she is talking to other people and when I asked her why she said she likes to use fancy talk.


Ella will say to me Mommy if I ever fall into a river if I get thirsty I will just drink the water, then I asked her if she was sure that was a good idea I mean what about all the fish poop? She thinks for a minuet and said to me, Mommy fish don't poop they have tails. I just love those kind of original idea's.


Bobo was looking through the curtains last night and when her father asked her what was out there she said " A old man", there was nobody outside that's just what she thought up.


The fact that we all have "house names" Nick is Randy Popper, I have no Idea what the origin of that one is but it makes me laugh every time one of the girls say's it, my name is suzie, Ella's name is Allison which she has now added Ariel to so it's Allison Ariel, and Bobo's name is J.J.

While Bobo is coming close to the end of her second year it seems like she is just beginning her terrible, temperamental, two year old behavior. Lately everything sends her over the edge. She can not STAND even a drop of juice or water or stray crumb landing on the perfect ensemble she has chosen for the day. She starts screaming and screetching demanding baby wipes. Yesterday she spent from 8:30 to 9:30 crying, as soon as she would start to recover something else would set her off. At the end of this episode she was lying on her back on the kitchen floor complaining that the tears were running in to her ears. Are you kidding me? I explained that the best solution would be to stop the flow of tears, problem solved right? I thought so but she didn't see it my way. I really thought she might just skip these type of antic's she has always been such a happy laid back baby, but as fast as I can type this she is back. My Bobo who says without moving her lips what's going on here or comes running in to the room wearing a bright red curly wig.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

My Day

It is 12:20 A.m and what I should really be doing is sleeping so I can rest up for a rousing day full of interactions like this-
bobo- Mommy what king of juice is this?
Me- It's cranberry juice
bobo- Oh
bobo -mama what's this juice called?
me- it's cranberry juice bobo.
Now just multiply that times a hundred and imagine how intellectually stimulating.
Or you have Ella who wanted to discuss mermaids, she wanted to know if they are little girls that leaned over too far and fell off of bridges.
Then tonight after dinner I thought they could watch a video while I cleaned up, well I put in Free to Be You and Me and Molly started to scream and ran in to the other room when I came around the corner she kept whispering I'm afraid of the babies, what is that all about? She used to love that movie. When I finally thought we were coming to the finish line for the night Molly drew on the couch with pen, Ella got upset that I did not have the right cup for her evening beverage and then was further insulted when she insisted that her duvet cover and sheets did not match. Have you seen the way this girl dresses?

Thursday, March 09, 2006

It"s Official

Molly has started taking her fashion cues from her big sister.

Why Why Why?

The other morning Ella and I got in to it over the soothies, in my opinion she's too old for them but its also my job to help her to give them up which I haven't really tried my hardest to facilitate. So I wanted to leave them all at home she absolutely did not, well she won that round. See while I do like the soothies while we are stuck in traffic and running around they really do help us all keep our sanity but there is a hitch. The girls are constantly dropping them out of reach and then having a panic attack about it which defeats the whole purpose of the stupid things. So ding ding ding round one goes to Ella weighing in at 31 pounds we make are way out to the car soothies in hand. Not ten feet out of the drive way Ella drops the soothie and all hell brakes loose. I decide to correct my weak parenting move of allowing the soothie in the car in the first place and make a firm stand. I pull over get out of the car open the back door find the soothie under the seat shove it in my pocket without a word and get back in the drivers seat literally and figuratively. Now who's in control, ha ha ha, well I shouldn't have gotten so ahead of myself. Ella is really putting on a show in the back seat and as hard as I try to keep my cool she is definitely getting under my skin. I break, I tell her if she can calm down and be quiet she can have the soothie back. This was a bigger mistake than I could predict. I pull down a side street put the car in park get out and shut the door, as I walk around to Ella's side of the car lecturing her on the fact that she is too old for soothies and blah blah blah it hits me I just shut the door with the keys in the ignition, cars running, kids strapped in, purse and phone in the car, ALL THE DOORS LOCKED! I scan the street no one appears to be home, O.K Heather keep your cool. I decide my best option is to see if I can get Ella to un-buckle her seat belt and unlock the door. This shouldn't be too hard right, fifteen minutes later no luck. Maybe Bobo can do it? No luck she just laughs at me, the joke in all of this eludes me, back to Ella. Five more minutes and we got one buckle undone one to go. Her little fingers just don't seem strong enough. Finally she does it!!!!!! Ella was the hero of the day, she has won the battle and the war, and learned a very bad trick (how to escape the carseat). So much for teaching her a lesson I was the one doing the learning that day.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Seen and heard around honey's house

I appolagize to you all for the lack of posts the girls have both decided to put naps in the past and I am trying to remodel our very ugly bathroom on a very meager budget which unfortunately (for me anyway) involves a lot of elbow grease. Since I have no peace and quiet I will just record some of the things I have heard around the house.
Ella- "sometimes chubby babies make me a little bit shy, what makes you shy boob."
Ella has been very curious about where she came from, she seems a bit young for this line of questioning but I have kept the explanations fairly simple. Me- A mommy has eggs and a Daddy has sperm and when you put them together them you can grow a baby. Ella- with a puzzled look on her face "is it a game?"
Ella- when we were on our way home from the grocery store the other day Ella wanted to stop at McDonald and I said no we can not afford to go out to eat today we just bought all kinds of yummy food at the grocery store Ella started crying, then she regained some composure and said "but you love to spend money mama"
Molly- She was laughing so much I had to find out what was so funny, and I found her standing over the heating vent and she said "look mama I have baby in my tummy"