Wednesday, February 22, 2006

I bet he is the life of the party

Not only is his boat named after a whiskey brand but he is from a place called Dark Harbor.

Ella the Viking

We had fun on Sunday exploring a toy shop called the Planet in Camden Maine, it was a "old fashioned" toy store where there were all kinds of toys on display that you could play with. The girls thoroughly enjoyed themselves and got some goodies courteous of their Maga. It was A great day to be inside browsing because Sunday was one of the coldest days we have had this winter. It actually wasn't that cold but we have been spoiled with a very mild winter.

Molly and her loyal flock

Molly still loves Dora and now it seems that the feeling is mutual, see the way they flock to hear the wisdom of Bobo.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

She has what lips?

Yesterday in the car I gave both the girls a chocolate heart to nibble in the hope that it would buy me a few minutes of quiet driving, maybe I could actualy sing to the radio with out a question being asked the second I turned the radio up again fot the 100th time. These questions are always of a critical matter "what shoes was I wearing last week when I stepped in that realllllllly big puddle? Now they know much better than I what shoes were on there feet. They forget nothing from the most minuet detail to the biggest event of thier life. Back to the chocolate though, it worked we had a pleasnt drive home from Target. Which was very much needed since the tip inside Target was not what you would call peacefull. Ella knocked over a chest with wicker baskets and broke the top off of it, Molly whined the whole time that she wanted to walk, and the list could go on and on. So we pull in the drive way and I turn to see a big chocolate grin, actually what Molly had was more of a chocolate beard, Ella was spotless, a true perfectionist. As I unbuckled BoBo's seat belt I told her she had chocolate lips and Ella inquired if she did too, BoBo turned and said "no you have chicken lips". And i am sure you can tell these pictures are not recent but some older pictures that I really like.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Little bunny foo foo

Little bunny foo foo I don't want to see you tring to do this with nylons and holding up a bank when your 19.

Seen and heard around honey's house

Just a little explanation, Ella has always called our house honey's house I think it was because Nick calls me honey but to be honest I never asked her the rationale behind the name I just thought it was cute. When we first moved in and the house was a disaster she would wrinkle her nose in disgust at the mess and cry that she wanted to go home to Nicky D's house. She still talks about how messy the house was when we moved in it really bothered her.

Molly has made plans to be a ballerina when she grows up, and this girl really can dance so who knows. She can mimic almost any dance move she sees me do and she has rhythm. Ella on the other hand dances like Elaine on Seinfeld (she obviously inherited her daddies dance moves). The other day in a store Ella started to dance in the isles and a few people actually did a double take, it's really quite a site to see. Picture a combination of karate and seizures, what a mean mom I am.

Ella who has been very excited to go to school, asking every day if I have found a school for her yet announced that she won't be attending school until she is seven. Her reasoning "seven is a big number" and "I already know how to read I read your grown up books all the time.

chief resident toddler comes into the kitchen with a look of consternation "she does EVERYTHING I do, she says EVERYTHING I do" then she storms off. It's no exaggeration, if Ella was the host of a radio show Molly is the five second delay. She is our very own trained parrot, she even mimics the hand gestures.

Molly says Mama I want my sheepers, sheepers are slippers I like the way she pronounces it much better.
Another of Mollys adaptations heard daily is" I want to stay heereeeee". If she wants to stay here it can mean a number of things, most of the time it means she doesn't want to stop doing what she is doing, but she has used it in some strange contexts. And one more from Bobo is I want a baby wipe, she thinks this is the solution for almost everything. A few days a go Ella spilled water on Mollys drawing and Molly wanted to fix it with you guessed it a baby wipe.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Clipping coupons

Molly is preparing for our weekly trip to the grocery store, she gets really excited when she spots a good deal.

Teeth brushing 101

Like almost every other routine of the girls day to day life they have cultivated their own, somewhat unusual routine for brushing there teeth. Sometimes I have to remind myself that they are toddlers who will exert control where ever they can but sometimes I just think they have discovered a way to make almost any task more time consuming and ritualistically ( and annoying to Nick and I). The rules are always changing and I can not always keep up with the newest rule or regulation they have come up with. Maybe I am making these "routines" worse but I have found that if you fight them and make them do it your way it will take even longer than their roundabout way. One of Ella's routines at nap time or bed time is to hide under her covers and when I come in I have to act out the following-
Me- Oh I am Sooooo tired, I think I am just going to lay down for a minuet. Then I lay down on top of the covers pretending not to know Ella is under there.
Ella- Giggle giggle giggle
Me- Why is this bed so lumpy and giggly?
Ella- laughing like it's the first time we have played this game, pops up from under the covers and asks me if I was wondering why this bed sounded like it was giggling.
We have been doing this for at least three weeks now and she thinks it's hysterical every single time she has shown no signs that this game is getting old.
But back to oral hygiene you can see that they like to sit up on the sides of the sink and then they have to choose the toothbrush and then proceed to change toohbrushes several times. They have no concern with who the toothbrush actually belongs to and they also like to have a selection of toothpaste at their disposal. Toddlers are strange little creatures.