Saturday, February 10, 2007

Wow was it really Nov 27th?

I did not believe it when I saw the last post was dated November 27th. Well it's a new year the holiday's are long gone and my thank you's did not go out all that long ago, shame on me. I do not really have any excuse except life and all the day to day things that must get done (and my energy level at the end of the day when "most" of those "things" are done.)
The children have given me a promotion and with that advancement comes added responsibilities. The title of my new position is Chief Locator, I am responsible for pinpointing the location of every item that my children own at any given point in the day. I must quickly locate any misplaced Polly Pocket shoe (which are the size of an atom) or find the missing power puff girl in seconds flat. I am ready to step down and take any nesecary paycut, because quite frankly I am no good at this job nor do I enjoy it. But I do love my boses no matter how irrational they become.
I should be shouting from the rooftops about Molly's newest advancement, she has mastered the use of the toilet!!!! But I find myself keeping quiet because I think a lot of people assumed she was already potty trained because well she is three years, seven months, thirteen hours and twenty minutes old. It is about time! I have two of the most stubborn children, her sister made a late entrance to the world of underpants as well but not this late and I was starting to worry just a little. But Molly has done a great job for the past two weeks she has not had any accidents and she wears underpants ALL DAY long. It all happened one day when she declared she wanted to wear underpants. Well we have been down this road before so I was not holding my breath. Later in the day as she sat on the toilet a big smile spread across her face and she asked " Mama am I growing up?" I said you sure are, she could not have been prouder of herself and from that moment she has not looked back.
And speaking of cute Molly moments just the two of us went to the grocery store yesterday and she wanted to get a little mermaid book so I said yes then she very sweetly said will you get my sister one? I said sure which one and she looked up at me and said "you know, Ella" as if I had forgotten about my other daughter in the twenty minutes she had been out of our presence. I clearly meant which book.
Everyone in our house has been sick for a week except Molly, somehow she has escaped the sickness I wish I knew her secret but in light of all of the sickness we have taken to wearing our pajama's for much longer than we really should even Molly has joined in on the fun of all day pajama's. But on Valentines day it was Ella who melted my heart when she announced that her Valentines day present to me was to stay in her meme's (p.j's) all day so mama would have a little less laundry to do. Maybe I spend too much time with preschoolers but that seemed like a thoughtful and clever gift.