Monday, January 02, 2006

Life slows down again

With the holidays over Ella now wants to know is it almost summer? She's just like me, I could never have Christmas without winter weather it wouldn't seem right, but as soon as the holidays pass us by I am ready for summers return. Poor Ella a Maine winter is going to seem a lot longer to her than to me, and to me it seems way too long. Both the girls were sad to see the Christmas tree come down yesterday but I explained to Ella that to leave it in the house after the New Year was bad luck, and after she heard this she wanted to make sure we got it out. It's funny because I don't think she really has a concept of what bad luck is but she knew it was bad and she kept asking me if I was sure we didn't have bad luck? I know she is my child so I am biased but Ella is really smart and very literal and sometimes after I have told her something like that I feel really bad. She never forgets anything and then I wonder if she worries about silly things like taking the tree down before the New Year. Well enough of my parenting guilt, I hope that everyone is enjoying the return to life after the holidays as much as we are.

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