Tuesday, January 24, 2006

We had a streak of mild weather last week it was like spring time, Nick even played golf on Saturday. It was so great to get outside without snow pants and boots and mittens which fall off every two minutes. I have come to the conclusion that the thing I hate most about winter is dressing squirmy toddlers for the outdoors. It's so funny to run away every time I get out a another article of clothing you must wear as if the process doesn't take long enough anyway. I really do hate it, I hate it more than shoveling, more than chipping ice of the stairs, more than freezing cold weather and more than outrageous heating bills. So it really was great to get out without the ordeal of snowsuits and all the accessories. But even greater than some fresh air was getting a picture of my girls together where they actually look like they know and like each other, that made it a great day, that and how much fun they had at the playground. Molly our little dare devil shot out of that slide like a cannon every time she went down and landed right on her behind but that didn't stop her, although it did stop another boy who saw her come flying out he wouldn't even go up the ladder with his dad. The dad remarked that he couldn't believe how tough she was. That's exactly how tough you can be with an older sister who has been anything but gentle with you since the day you were born. As you can see Ella was too cool to zip up her jacket or wear her hat, this girl has an iron will when it comes to her fashion statements. But she wasn't too cool to help her sister climb up to the big slide every time! It was one of those days that they played so well together and everything was going to smoothly, that is until it was time to go and I knew had spoken to soon.

Learning to catch

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The girls have become obsessed with the power puff girls, which is not the greatest show for them to be watching. I will just chalk that up to another battle lost on the parenting front. It's not that bad really, like most of the obsessions that have come and gone in our house they like the characters and their own make believe versions better than the actual cartoon. Before bed each night the whole family participates in the girls own interpretation of the show. We all have an assigned part (they are not interchangeable) Nick is the villain Mojo Jojo, Ella is blossom commander and the leader, Molly is bubbles she brings the joy and laughter, and I am buttercup the fearless fighter. In the performance that ensues we (the powerpuff girls) defeat Mojo Jojo every night, we are saving the world before bedtime just like in the theme song. Both girls really enjoy this part of the routine and Nick does a great job acting out his part, and I am not sure if I should be offended but Ella said I am buttercup because buttercup is the grumpy one.

Ella's outfits

Ellas choice of clothing has become somewhat eccentric over the past few months. She MUST select her clothes and she agonizes over what to wear. She has shown a fondness for layers, the more items of clothing she can drape on her tiny body the better. I know that it shouldn't bother me I shouldn't care, she is just expressing herself, but I cringe at some of her choices. And I should add that I do let her wear these creations out of the house maybe because I can still take comfort in the fact that I choose Bobos clothing although I'm not sure for how long. At least if people judge me they will only judge me on my parenting of one of my children. Although the only people who would judge me on this either have no children or children young enough to dress without a battle of the wills. Ella is so determined to be in control of her wardrobe at all times that two nights ago after throwing up for the fourth time that night at the hour of three A.M she turned up her nose at the clothing I brought her (to replace the vomit soaked clothes she had just stripped off). She climbed out of our bed and went across the hall to her room to fetch something more appropriate for the occasion. I couldn't believe it! I don't really have any pictures of the most flashy outfits, maybe I just can't bring myself to actually document those 'outfits"

Monday, January 16, 2006

Pose for the camera

Ella has created a new pose all her own. Anytime the camera is pointed in her direction she immediately snaps into this somewhat awkward pose. As you see in the photos her head is tilted to the side while her arm reaches around her head as if trying to grab her ear. I have no idea why this started or who inspired this look, but you may be seeing this pose a lot on this blog, or it could disappear as fast as it started.

Default plans

On Sunday we were supposed to drive to Boston and get the doors for the kitchen cabinets, these cabinets and I have been waiting to get their doors since they were installed in June of 2004. Well the weather was bad and a drive to Boston was not a good idea. So what's the obvious default you ask, well it's an afternoon at Chucky Cheese. That's a natural progression of events right, well it worked for us. I only visited a Chucky Cheese once in my childhood it was in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania (they did not have Chucky Cheese in Maine back then), we were visiting friends, but even if there had been one in our area I don't know if I would have ever seen the inside of Chucky Cheese again as my mother was not impressed. She probably thanked god there was no such establishment within a 50 mile radius of our home. On my second visit to Chucky Cheese I had a pretty good time but the girls had a very good time as you see in the photographic evidence. Ella loves it there, Molly was a little overwhelmed but after a tummy full of pizza seemed to relax and have a much better time. All in all not a bad way to spend a miserably cold winter afternoon, Chucky will probably see the Morris family again.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Straight from the horses mouth...

I caught Ella getting in to the medicine cabinet and I said what do you think your doing your not an adult , and she replied so sincerely "I'm not?" then a minute later asked is an adult a grown up?

Last weekend Ella woke up in the middle of the night and came running in our room talking about how a bumble bee was in her room, she ended up staying in our bed the rest of the night. She never went back to sleep and was very cranky the next day. After a melt down in the craft store I was explaining that she would feel better after a nap and that she was just tired because she never shut her eyes and got some rest in our bed. She replied that she always slept with her eyes open. I asked her what she was talking about and she said she always sleeps with her eyes open so she can keep an eye on her soothies.

When riding in the new car yesterday I asked Molly if she liked our new car she said "No I like Chucky Cheeses car better"

These pictures have nothing to do with this post I just thought they were funny

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

What a dad

Not only will he teach them how to make a snowball but he also lets them use him as a target!

Monday, January 02, 2006

Life slows down again

With the holidays over Ella now wants to know is it almost summer? She's just like me, I could never have Christmas without winter weather it wouldn't seem right, but as soon as the holidays pass us by I am ready for summers return. Poor Ella a Maine winter is going to seem a lot longer to her than to me, and to me it seems way too long. Both the girls were sad to see the Christmas tree come down yesterday but I explained to Ella that to leave it in the house after the New Year was bad luck, and after she heard this she wanted to make sure we got it out. It's funny because I don't think she really has a concept of what bad luck is but she knew it was bad and she kept asking me if I was sure we didn't have bad luck? I know she is my child so I am biased but Ella is really smart and very literal and sometimes after I have told her something like that I feel really bad. She never forgets anything and then I wonder if she worries about silly things like taking the tree down before the New Year. Well enough of my parenting guilt, I hope that everyone is enjoying the return to life after the holidays as much as we are.