Sunday, September 24, 2006

Well the girls are getting bigger by the day but then Bobo still pronounces yesterday with no Y and it reminds me that she will still be little for just a little longer. Ella started school a few weeks ago and loves it! There were several children screaming when I dropped her off and she did not shed one tear or even look back she kissed me goodbye, she marched in and started to carefully and in a reserved manner which is so Ella check everything out. When I came three hours later to retrieve her she did not want to leave. Bobo also started "school" she brings her backpack to gymnastics every week because as she explained to me that is her school. Speaking of backpacks the first day of Ella's school I showed her how I had put an extra outfit in her backpack just in case and when Bobo saw this she started to panic and demanded to know where her backpack was and did it have a change of clothes inside. Luckily for once in my life I had allowed for a few extra minutes and I packed Bobo a backpack which she insisted on wearing in to Ella's school even though I explained that we were not staying. But Bobo loves her "school" and loves the new attire she acquired , all she wants to wear now are leotards no matter what the occasion or temperature. We went to the UPS store the other day in just a leotard (only she was in a leotard just for clarification I don't want to seem completely crazy) which is bad enough but it was also quite chilly out and I thought she might learn the hard way but no such luck she informed me several times that she was not at all cold. Bobo also loves her teacher so much in fact that she has taken to calling me by her teachers name, Deanna.
So Halloween is coming and when we asked the girls what they would like to be one idea was that myself, Ella and Bobo could be the Powerpuff girls and Nick could be The professor. That seemed like a good idea to everyone but then Ella raised a concern that Nick could not be The professor because as she pointed out he does not have a square face like The professor. I love the way her literal little mind works.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

So much for Promises

I know I said in my last post that I was going to make an effort to write more even if I did not think I had anything of importance to write. Then what do I do but run off and not write for weeks. Well I guess life just keeps happening at a speed that I can not quite keep up with. I do this with so many things in my life, it's all or nothing. I will decide that I need to organize my pantry then that's not enough I can not stop until I have organized every closet and drawer in the entire house then I find something else to obsess about for awhile. I can not seem to do this for an hour and that for two. I have been keeping this blog going for a almost a year now which is pretty good for me, usually I start to lose interest in things fairly quickly. But I think the fact that it is preserving the memories of my children (who are growing to fast)and the encouragement and praise I get from those who read the blog keeps me going. I know I will love reading this when my children are older, you really think you will remember the things they say but you just don't. It is like reading an old note you passed in school and thinking was that really me, I don't remember being like that. But you were, you just can not put your mind back to that time, to that existence. Pictures and words can though and I want my kids to know who they were before they thought they had to be something or someone. So here are some pictures that capture a part of who they were and how their little minds functioned. A part of themselves that they may or may not recall years from now. While I can take pictures and write about the people I believe them to be only they know what's behind the often strange and endearing behaviors they exhibit. Hopefully when they look at these pictures and words it will transport them back to their childhoods, a time when they slept in beds like these as no adult would, surrounded by all kinds of strange comforts. As you can see Ella has grocery bags filled with all kinds of trinkets these not only accompany her to bed but everywhere else we go. She is like a bag lady in training and Molly is right behind her filling her bags as well. Oh to be a child again, but as children so many of us can not wait to grow up. What a shame since childhood is so short and so true in comparison to the time we all spend as adults.