Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Love List

Girls these are the things that I love about you, the things that put a smile on my face as I reflect on you long after you have gone to sleep. I believe these to be the things that make up the essence of you. That would give strangers an idea of the wonderful people you are.

1. The way your big eyes can say everything before you even open your mouth.
2. The way you call your father Dada even though you are capable of saying daddy.
3. That you hold on to your "baby dear" all through the night as you sleep.
4. That you are always happy to see me in the morning, almost as if you do not take my presence for granted.
5. Your vivid imagination.
6. The bond that you have with your sister.
7. Your insistence on wearing a "pretty" dress to school everyday.
8. When you ask "are you joking me"
9. The huskiness in your little tiny voice.
10. That I see so much of your father in you.
11. That your ambition in life is to be a mermaid, Hello Kitty, Strawberry Shortcake or whatever other character has caught your fancy. I love your impracticality.
12. The way you and Ella speak with each other when you think no one is listening, you have created your own world where the Bubby game is reality.
13. The passion you live with each and every day, I will not be surprised to see you on stage someday.
14. Your stubbornness, even though it can make my life hell.
15. How much you love you best friend.
16. Your beauty sometimes I can not believe you are mine.
17. When you put your tiny soft hands on my checks.
18. That almost every day you ask me "who I love best in the family" just waiting for the day I answer you, I know better and I answer diplomatically every day and it is the truth I love you all the best.
19. Your great sense of humour.
20. Your unabashed honesty, we always know what you are after.
21 That with all I love about you this list could be endless...............................................................

1. The one freckle on your nose.
2. That you soak it all in, you have a thirst to learn.
3. Your observation skills, no one can get anything by you.
4. Your beautiful red hair that you will not let me within 10 feet of with a hair brush.
5. That you want to be your own person, not blend in with the crowd, how it saddens you when your little sister has the audacity to copy you.
6. The seriousness you posses at such a young age.
7. The empathy you have possessed from such a young age, it surpasses some adults.
8. Your beautifully perfect little nose.
9. When from within that serious shell you exude such silliness.
10. That you are truly daddies little girl.
11. That I see so much of myself in you.
12. The outfits you pick for yourself and the pride you wear them with.
13. Your ability at seven to play it cool.
14. You always seem to know when to speak up and when to remain silent, so many never seem to figure this out.
15. That you contemplate everything, and I can actually see it on your face.
16. What a good friend you are.
17. Your beauty sometimes I can not believe you are mine.
18. Your ambition to be an artist
19. That you made me a mother, and have so far forgiven my many mistakes.
20. Your excitement when daddy walks through the door, it is such a gift to you father.
21. That it would take me a lifetime to finish this list.........................................................................