Saturday, December 31, 2005

Molly's Milk

Molly and Ella for that matter are not very fond of milk. It was not a huge surprise since I hate milk, but Nick loves it so I thought maybe they would drink it. Ella will drink it sometimes, but Molly wanted nothing to do with milk. That is until she discovered the vanilla milk at starbucks. Well if they charge almost $5 for a large coffee then you could also assume correctly that they charge way too much for a tiny box of organic milk. But as you can see in the pictures this milk makes Molly happy. So when I can justify paying too much for a coffee (which might be too often) then the girls get a overpriced milk.

Christmas 2005

These two girls had a wonderful Christmas thanks to the generosity of the many, many people who love them. The whole weekend was spent visiting with family, special meals, playing, sledding, and of course opening gifts. Santa and their family were very good to them. I think it would be appropriate to label this Christmas the Christmas of Dora, along with all the other great gifts Dora definitely made her presence known. After all the celebrating the girls are overwhelmed and exhausted, they held on Christmas day until 3:30 and when the presents started to run out emotions started to run high. After a nap, no nap wouldn't be the word, after crashing out the world seemed right again. However it was about time to get in the car and head home which proved to be another challenge. We were so spoiled by our family that we couldn't fit all our loot in to the car. It was a great Christmas, Thank You to all our loved ones who made it so !!!!!

Christmas 2005

Monday, December 19, 2005

Which one would you like for Christmas ?

There was about 10 to maybe 15 miles of houses like this near where we stayed in Boca Raton. The pictures don't really convey the immensity of these houses. I had to take these pictures from the car because there was no where to park any where near these houses. I kept pulling over and hanging out of the car at one point the police pulled up behind me, maybe they thought I was doing some research so that l could case the place later, probably not but I don't think they wanted me to take any more pictures so I was on my way. I just thought it was sad to have such a house and then paint it bright coral pink.

Santa's little helpers

The girls are ready for Christmas, they helped decorate the tree and most importantly they have let Santa know where we will be on Christmas. Ella was a little worried about Santa not knowing we would be at Maga's house, she now feels reassured that Santa will know our location. She is however worried about picking the right flavor of cookie for Santa daddy suggested chocolate chip Ella wasn't sure this was the right choice, she was actually leaning toward pudding which Nick feels is definitely the wrong choice. I am sure we can work it out before the big day.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

And they do dishes too

This is one of your favorite games, it was named "the water game" by you. The title definitely fits. Sometimes you wash out soda bottles sometimes you wash the sippy cups. Today's mission was to clean all the tubby toys. I know someday both of you will not find helping around the house so enticing, so I will enjoy it now.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

The world according to Ella

While I leaned into the car yesterday to buckle her car seat she said to me "mommy when you love someone you don't breath your coffee breath on them"
Also pondered by miss Ella yesterday- How are we going to get anywhere there are millions and millions and millions of raindrops.