Friday, May 09, 2008


What is that smell?

As I try to get some work and chores done I overhear little bit's of dialogue and catch glimpses of role play from a game the girls call Beauty Village, a game previously known as My Seasons, which had replaced the Bubby Game. The names they come up with make me smile, I live with these ladies and have not yet begun to understand the rules and slight variations that differentiate these games or make believe worlds. Today I could not resist snapping a few photo's of the girls in character. I find that I do not take as many photos as I should or wish to. The changes in front of my eye's do not register until I happen to see a photo from a month or two ago and then the transformation can startle me. How can I be missing these changes and far worse how can I let so many day's and events go undocumented. It just happens unfortunately, but today I took pictures and I will remember how they came bounding down the stairs in a fit of giggles asking to go outside to pick dandelions. It was the first time I gave them permission to go outside unattended, and in a role reversal it was Ella who hesitated and Molly who vowed to watch after her big sister. I instructed them to leave the door open and as the cool spring breeze reached my face so did the overwhelming nose prickling smell of perfume. They had found the stash of perfume I have not worn for years and sampled some for themselves.

The Name Game

Molly and Ella both got baby dolls from the Easter Bunny. The babies actually coo and babble rather loudly I might add when they sense movement, thank god we found the control that will completely shut them off. Around here the Easter Bunny hides the basket and the girls must hunt for their goodies when they wake up. Well Molly and I came down the stairs first and spent just a few moments waiting for Ella and Nick, but in that few minutes strange noises started to emanate from the corner of the room. At first Molly tried to blow it off with some nervous laughter but then a look of panic set in. She did not like the sound of this at all, "what was that" she uttered it's a phrase we hear all to often from Bobo. I managed to keep the panic level fairly low by letting her begin to look for her goodies. However the noises which should have been a big tip off to the loot had the opposite effect because she was avoiding that area of the room like the plague. When Ella arrived on the scene it was she who braved that corner of the room noises and all to retrieve the Easter Basket for her sister. As soon as Molly saw that the source of the dreaded sounds was the baby doll she had admired in Target all was well in Molly's world. Ella who is becoming way to smart for both myself and the Easter Bunny honed in on her basket within a minute of searching and was happy to see she had also received a babbling baby. One look at her new doll and she declared that her baby was to be named Barack Obama. She continues to make references that her baby is going to be the next president but this is coming from a girl who also believed Obama was running for principle of her school so we shall see.