Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Peaks Island

Or as Molly calls it Peace Island, which surprises me considering the way the trip started out. After arriving at the ferry terminal Molly noticed a few passengers of the canine persuasion. She was not at all happy about dogs being allowed on board as fellow passengers. As she cried and pleaded with Nick who was holding (restraining) her I offered to take her back to the car and pick up everyone in a few hours when they returned. Not particularly for Molly's benefit but for those poor people who expected a pleasant boating experience and were instead subjected to a panic stricken Molly. Molly in a Panic is not a picture easily painted you would have to witness the event to truly appreciate the depth of her display. It was not a happy moment for the Morris family but Nick insisted she should stick it out. Nick made the right call, when we found out seats from which no dogs could be seen she started to loosen up and have a great time. They played on the beach and enjoyed themselves on the island. I would rate the trip a 50% success because on the return to mainland we had another event which put the Morris family on display in a not so pleasant light. Imagine an upscale shop with lovely home furnishing then add two giggling, screaming, running, wild children you end up with two extremely embarrassed, pissed off parents, a mortified Maga and a few unhappy shop owners. Which prompted our fast departure full of dirty looks from the premise and a slew of punishments for our offspring. Does not sound very good maybe I need to lower my success rate to %25?

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