Friday, June 27, 2008

The Good the Bad and the Ugly

I swear that I can cook, in fact sometimes I would say I cook quite well but today was not a shinning example of my ability to cook. It was Simone's birthday (the little girl that I watch once a week) and I promised the girls we would make cupcakes. I would bake them and they could decorate them. They were all looking forward to the treat but sometimes things do not turn out the way we plan them. First of all I followed the directions and used this mixerso I know I did not over beat the batter but it turned out very fluffy and thick, not like any other cake I batter I have made before. I shrugged it off and did my best to get in in the darn paper cups. Secondly I opened the oven door and there was no heat despite preheating the oven. Hmmm, I had promised the kids cupcakes and they were checking in every two minutes to see if they were ready yet. So I turned to my only other option of baking the cup cakes, the toaster oven. The problem, the cupcake pan was never going to fit in the toaster oven. SO I put the paper cups in the bottom of the broiler pan hoping that the combined effect of crowding them together and the edge of the pan would offer enough support. I knew better but I just wanted to keep my promise. So I consoled myself with the fact that they would not care if they looked a little deformed they would still taste great right? Well witness the results for yourself.
Golden brown tops and gooey raw liquid inside. As you can imagine the inside of my toaster oven did not fare so well either. At this point I thought maybe I could use some little condiment cups that my grandmother had given me and I even went so far as to squish the cupcake liners in to them.

However I decided another disappointment was too much for me and in defeat I packed the kids in the car and headed off to purchase some cupcakes from the grocery store.

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