Thursday, March 09, 2006

Why Why Why?

The other morning Ella and I got in to it over the soothies, in my opinion she's too old for them but its also my job to help her to give them up which I haven't really tried my hardest to facilitate. So I wanted to leave them all at home she absolutely did not, well she won that round. See while I do like the soothies while we are stuck in traffic and running around they really do help us all keep our sanity but there is a hitch. The girls are constantly dropping them out of reach and then having a panic attack about it which defeats the whole purpose of the stupid things. So ding ding ding round one goes to Ella weighing in at 31 pounds we make are way out to the car soothies in hand. Not ten feet out of the drive way Ella drops the soothie and all hell brakes loose. I decide to correct my weak parenting move of allowing the soothie in the car in the first place and make a firm stand. I pull over get out of the car open the back door find the soothie under the seat shove it in my pocket without a word and get back in the drivers seat literally and figuratively. Now who's in control, ha ha ha, well I shouldn't have gotten so ahead of myself. Ella is really putting on a show in the back seat and as hard as I try to keep my cool she is definitely getting under my skin. I break, I tell her if she can calm down and be quiet she can have the soothie back. This was a bigger mistake than I could predict. I pull down a side street put the car in park get out and shut the door, as I walk around to Ella's side of the car lecturing her on the fact that she is too old for soothies and blah blah blah it hits me I just shut the door with the keys in the ignition, cars running, kids strapped in, purse and phone in the car, ALL THE DOORS LOCKED! I scan the street no one appears to be home, O.K Heather keep your cool. I decide my best option is to see if I can get Ella to un-buckle her seat belt and unlock the door. This shouldn't be too hard right, fifteen minutes later no luck. Maybe Bobo can do it? No luck she just laughs at me, the joke in all of this eludes me, back to Ella. Five more minutes and we got one buckle undone one to go. Her little fingers just don't seem strong enough. Finally she does it!!!!!! Ella was the hero of the day, she has won the battle and the war, and learned a very bad trick (how to escape the carseat). So much for teaching her a lesson I was the one doing the learning that day.

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