Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Seen and heard around honey's house

I appolagize to you all for the lack of posts the girls have both decided to put naps in the past and I am trying to remodel our very ugly bathroom on a very meager budget which unfortunately (for me anyway) involves a lot of elbow grease. Since I have no peace and quiet I will just record some of the things I have heard around the house.
Ella- "sometimes chubby babies make me a little bit shy, what makes you shy boob."
Ella has been very curious about where she came from, she seems a bit young for this line of questioning but I have kept the explanations fairly simple. Me- A mommy has eggs and a Daddy has sperm and when you put them together them you can grow a baby. Ella- with a puzzled look on her face "is it a game?"
Ella- when we were on our way home from the grocery store the other day Ella wanted to stop at McDonald and I said no we can not afford to go out to eat today we just bought all kinds of yummy food at the grocery store Ella started crying, then she regained some composure and said "but you love to spend money mama"
Molly- She was laughing so much I had to find out what was so funny, and I found her standing over the heating vent and she said "look mama I have baby in my tummy"

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