Wednesday, March 15, 2006

My Day

It is 12:20 A.m and what I should really be doing is sleeping so I can rest up for a rousing day full of interactions like this-
bobo- Mommy what king of juice is this?
Me- It's cranberry juice
bobo- Oh
bobo -mama what's this juice called?
me- it's cranberry juice bobo.
Now just multiply that times a hundred and imagine how intellectually stimulating.
Or you have Ella who wanted to discuss mermaids, she wanted to know if they are little girls that leaned over too far and fell off of bridges.
Then tonight after dinner I thought they could watch a video while I cleaned up, well I put in Free to Be You and Me and Molly started to scream and ran in to the other room when I came around the corner she kept whispering I'm afraid of the babies, what is that all about? She used to love that movie. When I finally thought we were coming to the finish line for the night Molly drew on the couch with pen, Ella got upset that I did not have the right cup for her evening beverage and then was further insulted when she insisted that her duvet cover and sheets did not match. Have you seen the way this girl dresses?

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