Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Teeth brushing 101

Like almost every other routine of the girls day to day life they have cultivated their own, somewhat unusual routine for brushing there teeth. Sometimes I have to remind myself that they are toddlers who will exert control where ever they can but sometimes I just think they have discovered a way to make almost any task more time consuming and ritualistically ( and annoying to Nick and I). The rules are always changing and I can not always keep up with the newest rule or regulation they have come up with. Maybe I am making these "routines" worse but I have found that if you fight them and make them do it your way it will take even longer than their roundabout way. One of Ella's routines at nap time or bed time is to hide under her covers and when I come in I have to act out the following-
Me- Oh I am Sooooo tired, I think I am just going to lay down for a minuet. Then I lay down on top of the covers pretending not to know Ella is under there.
Ella- Giggle giggle giggle
Me- Why is this bed so lumpy and giggly?
Ella- laughing like it's the first time we have played this game, pops up from under the covers and asks me if I was wondering why this bed sounded like it was giggling.
We have been doing this for at least three weeks now and she thinks it's hysterical every single time she has shown no signs that this game is getting old.
But back to oral hygiene you can see that they like to sit up on the sides of the sink and then they have to choose the toothbrush and then proceed to change toohbrushes several times. They have no concern with who the toothbrush actually belongs to and they also like to have a selection of toothpaste at their disposal. Toddlers are strange little creatures.

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