Thursday, February 16, 2006

She has what lips?

Yesterday in the car I gave both the girls a chocolate heart to nibble in the hope that it would buy me a few minutes of quiet driving, maybe I could actualy sing to the radio with out a question being asked the second I turned the radio up again fot the 100th time. These questions are always of a critical matter "what shoes was I wearing last week when I stepped in that realllllllly big puddle? Now they know much better than I what shoes were on there feet. They forget nothing from the most minuet detail to the biggest event of thier life. Back to the chocolate though, it worked we had a pleasnt drive home from Target. Which was very much needed since the tip inside Target was not what you would call peacefull. Ella knocked over a chest with wicker baskets and broke the top off of it, Molly whined the whole time that she wanted to walk, and the list could go on and on. So we pull in the drive way and I turn to see a big chocolate grin, actually what Molly had was more of a chocolate beard, Ella was spotless, a true perfectionist. As I unbuckled BoBo's seat belt I told her she had chocolate lips and Ella inquired if she did too, BoBo turned and said "no you have chicken lips". And i am sure you can tell these pictures are not recent but some older pictures that I really like.

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