Tuesday, November 01, 2005


The girls had a great time trick or treating last night. Molly was the cutest little pumkin and Ella was a ballerina butterfly. I can predict Ella's halloween costumes for years to come. I recognize the pattern, I think she will suffer from the same narrow range of choices that I did. She will always want to be something "pretty". Cheerleader, princess, fairy, you get the picture. When she was almost one we dressed her up as a dalmation puppy she cried and frantically tried to get the costume off. The next year we dressed her as Little red ridding hood and Molly as the big bad wolf, and Ella was much happier. Last year Ella was a ballerina and she just loved it, in fact she wore that costume or some varriation of it for months. But last night was the first Halloween that Ella really understood what was going on she had such a good time. She just ran from house to house. Molly retreated to the stroller fairly early. She was definatly in a state of confussion much like her big sister was last year. Everytime someone tried to put a treat in her bucket she would pull it away, one of the neighbors was giving away full size candy bars and once Molly wrapped her little fingers around that hershey bar she didn't let go the rest of the night. When we got home Ella asked me when will it be HALLOWEEN AGAIN ! Well today as they run around wound up and full of sugar I am glad it is not Halloween again for a whole year.

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