Saturday, November 05, 2005

The Children's Museum

On Wednesday we went to the Children's museum or the Toy Museum as Ella calls it. The girls had a really good time, and it shouldn't surprise me but their favorite exhibit was the tubes that blew air out and allowed various balls and small things to float "magically" in the air. Ella pressed the button to start the air without knowing what would happen and she was a little startled when she got a blast of air in her face. But after that it was all fun. Molly had a great time running away from us and climbing into little spaces she knew I could not fit in or get her out of. When it was time to go she climbed up a ladder in to a submarine exhibit and was thrilled to learn I had no way to remove her. I had to recruit Ella to go in and get her but that was unsuccessful as well,l it was actually Aunt Hayley who was able to finally get her out.

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