Monday, November 21, 2005

Ella's Fourth Birthday

I can not believe that Ella is four. She is no longer a toddler she is a little girl. She really enjoyed her party. She told me a few day's before her party that the best part of a birthday is the balloons. So I went out and ordered a whole bunch of helium balloons for the party. Well within ten minutes of bringing the balloons in to the house all but 6 popped. The textured surface of the ceiling was the problem. When we all ran around the corner after hearing the popping Ella was holding the balloon pieces asking if we could fix them. She handled it well though not one tear. She changed her mind about the theme of the party four times in the week leading up to the party. First it was going to be hello kitty then leaves then the backyardigans and finally the power puff girls. Nick and I are not big fans of the power puff girls, but she was the birthday girl and I guess it is just the beginning of the struggle for independence. Some day we will wish it was just a battle over the theme to her birthday, and her independence will serve her well in life. Happy birthday to our little girl!

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