Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Summer Evenings

Ella and Daddy.
Maga's kitchen.
Most of the time when I pull out the camera this is what I get.
Ella actually took that photo of me so I thought I would include it, she really likes to take photos. She looks so cute with my giant camera angled up against her eye and the strap around her little neck and she surprises me with the results of her efforts.
She no longer looks like a toddler but very much a little girl, even so I bribed her to put on this dress which I adore but is a size 2. I promise the dress will now be retired but she just looked so adorable.

Ella has to bite in to all of her food using the left side of her mouth but with that tooth loosening more and more by the day what will she do?

So I picked the dress but the shoes were all Bobo's idea.
I just love this photo, running free in the yard with the scent of burgers on the grill.
Molly was a little concerned about the possibility of "funder"(thunder). She would peck her little face through the screen door and ask "did any of you guys hear a little funder" Thankfully no one had head any and there was none for the rest of the night.

Ella is now 100% daddies little girl and has little use for what comes out of my mouth, notice the rolling of the eyes?
These photo's were all taken at Maga's house on a warm summer evening, which is my favorite kind.

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