Monday, July 14, 2008

Ear Peircing

Ella graciously volunteered for Molly to go first, and Molly not really knowing what was involved simply saw this as an opportunity to be first for once. So she hopped up on the chair with a big smile and her new Hello Kitty and let them pin her hair back.

Marking where the earrings will go.

Now here is where she started to loose her confidence.

But there were no tears or arguments .

But then they pushed the earring through and Molly let out a little yelp and gave an indignant ouch. Then she looked over at me with a look of mistrust that gave rise to feelings of guilt. However within just a minute she announced that her ears no longer hurt and her eyes danced over all of the girly merchandise that was contained in the store.

Next up Ella she got right up in the chair a somewhat nervous smile across her face.

As soon as her hair was pinned back she got very quiet. Then there was a delay, they were going to do both ears at the same time and the other woman had been held up on her way to the front of the store. Ella was having second thoughts, she whispered to me "I don't want them to do both at the same time", I reassured her that this would be the best way. I further explained that it would only hurt for a second, reminding her of how impressed the nurses had been with her bravery at her last doctors appointment when she needed 3 shots and hardly flinched.

Armed with that information she was ready.

She winced, stiffened and prepared herself for what was to come....

Then it was over and she realized it was no big deal. Not a tear, not a yelp or an ouch, her shoulders relaxed the tension released and she just wanted to see how the earrings looked.

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cayla said...

Haha, awesome pictures. I think the 2nd to last is my favorite. You can feel the anxiety.