Monday, June 11, 2007

It's my hair!

Last Wednesday as we rushed around getting ready for gymnastics I thought I covered all my bases and fought all my fights for this round of outings. I pulled the door open and turning back to get the girls I noticed that Ella had modified her hair, hair which I thought looked rather cute prior to her adjustments. She had pulled her bangs out of the pony tail, although I am not sure that they qualify as bangs anymore seeing how they extend just below her nose, and put a barrette in the bangs so that they hung down covering one eye and laid to the side of her nose. I did not really want to bring her to gymnastics looking like that but I know how strong willed she could be. So I thought for a second and against my better judgement made a comment. The comment was something like won't those bangs get in your way during your class countered with "NO" so I followed up with, but you are covering up your beautiful face. To which Ella replied "it's my hair, on my head and I will do what I want with it!"

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