Friday, May 09, 2008

What is that smell?

As I try to get some work and chores done I overhear little bit's of dialogue and catch glimpses of role play from a game the girls call Beauty Village, a game previously known as My Seasons, which had replaced the Bubby Game. The names they come up with make me smile, I live with these ladies and have not yet begun to understand the rules and slight variations that differentiate these games or make believe worlds. Today I could not resist snapping a few photo's of the girls in character. I find that I do not take as many photos as I should or wish to. The changes in front of my eye's do not register until I happen to see a photo from a month or two ago and then the transformation can startle me. How can I be missing these changes and far worse how can I let so many day's and events go undocumented. It just happens unfortunately, but today I took pictures and I will remember how they came bounding down the stairs in a fit of giggles asking to go outside to pick dandelions. It was the first time I gave them permission to go outside unattended, and in a role reversal it was Ella who hesitated and Molly who vowed to watch after her big sister. I instructed them to leave the door open and as the cool spring breeze reached my face so did the overwhelming nose prickling smell of perfume. They had found the stash of perfume I have not worn for years and sampled some for themselves.

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