Thursday, April 17, 2008

A New Obsession

Molly's has bid farwell to Dora and is moving on to bigger and better characters, Hello Kitty. She loves to watch the videos and tributes that "grown up's" make and put on You Tube. In all honesty they kind of freak me out, I do not understand any adults fascination or adoration of a oversized cat. But I personally know a few adults who like Hello Kitty and still have respect for them personally so I will give these You Tube video creators the benefit of the doubt maybe they are as normal as the Hello Kitty lovers that I know, and you both know who you are if you are reading this. Along with the videos Molly loves to look up all the Hello Kitty merchandise her parents are depriving her of. This expensive number really caught her eye and she knows she will never actually own one until she can pay the $6,299.99 price all on her own but I thought you might find the reveiws of this product as hilairious as I did. Check it out

Hello Kitty is our new nanny 12/14/2007 - by Berta from Fontana, CA US
I have a twelve year old daughter and a two year old son. I am a single mother that works two jobs just to keep food on the table. Recently, I won a radio contest and was given a Hello Kitty Robot as the prize. And am I glad I did. Since we have invited Hello Kitty (Kiki-as my son calls her), life has been so much easier for everyone. My daughter is no longer the built in babysitter for my son. Hello Kitty does all the work. I always set Kiki to parent mode, and she does a great job. My two year old is already learning words in Japanese, German, and French. I never worry that my pre-teen daughter isn't keeping a good eye on my son, Kiki does that for me. And when I get home the kids are fed, bathed and Kiki is in bed asleep with my son. Thanks Hello Kitty!!!

Like a family member 12/02/2007 - by Rachel La Mar from Claremont, CA US
Robo Kitty is amazing! My 2 yo Max just LOVES his kitty friend. My husband and I are *very* busy lawyers. We leave by 6 am every morning and don't get home until sometimes 10 at night (and don't get me started on all the travel!). We've been through 8 nannies; the first 4 were pretty stressful. After that we got Robo Kitty, and it changed our lives. Max is so attached to her, he barely noticed when we let the last 3 nannies go. The 7th nanny refused to take a pay cut, EVEN THOUGH Robo Kitty did most of the work! Our new nanny is much better; Consuella works for only $7 an hour! Robo Kitty is like another parent at our house. She talks so kindly to my little boy. He's even starting to speak with her accent! It's so cute. Robo Kitty puts Max to sleep, watches TV with him, watches him in the bath, listens to him read. It's amazing, like a best friend, or as Max says "Kitty Mommy!" Now when I'm working from home I don't have to worry about Max asking a bunch of questions or wanting to play or having to read to him. He hardly even talks to me at all! He no longer asks to go to the park or the zoo - being a parent has NEVER been so easy! Thank you Robo Kitty!

Those are just two of my favorite reviews which Nick insists must be a joke I hope for the children of these people it is a joke, the link to the site is below if you wish to read them all.

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Rachel said...

Oh wow! You quoted my review. I'm so proud :-) It was a joke, lol; I'm glad you saw the humor. I made the whole thing up. My husband is a teacher, I stay home with our three kids ;-) We've never had a nanny - robot or otherwise, lol.