Friday, March 30, 2007

Little Bits

Just some of the things I have overheard around the house-

Ella and Molly were upstairs playing with Polly pockets and I heard Ella tell her sister "these clothes are so beautiful it's breakin my heart"

Recently Molly has been somewhat clingy with me and never wants me to leave her sight. When I run outside to check the mailbox she has a breakdown, if I return the shopping cart to the cart corral she screams, when I go in to the basement she has a fit at the top of the stairs, you get the idea. I had no idea where this was coming from she had already gone through this months ago and I did not know they went through separation anxiety twice. Well one morning during breakfast I had to take the trash out because the other adult in our house had forgotten so I got my coat and boots on and headed to the back door and Molly started in with her usual panic so I did my best to calm her and went out the door. Well I had forgotten my gloves so I turned back just in time to see Ella whisper to her sister "mommy's not coming back" SO it turns out children do not go through separation anxiety twice unless they have a sometimes evil older sister.

As witnessed by her father,
Just after tucking them in to bed Nick said Ella sprang out of bed ran over to look in the mirror and said "what, my bed head is started already?"

In the tub the other night Ella was feeling her backbone and when she came to the bottom she asked what is this, I told her that was her tail bone. She then said "Oh does it have a nut in it?"I laughed and told her no it is a bone and explained to her that a long time ago we used to have tails. Ella said who did and I answered humans, she then said who? Hayley? I laughed again and said no humans did a very long time ago. She accepted this answer then ten minutes later she said what are humans? I think she is in the stage of already knowing everything (I am finding it harder to impress her) but I also think a big part of it is who she is, she will never let on that she does not know exactly what she is doing or what is going on. I love that she is so observant and loves to learn but I always hope that she is not to hard on herself, and realizes it is o.k not to know or to be a little bit of a fool once in awhile.

You know Molly has said some very cute and witty things too but along with the camera cord I have misplaced the paper I had jotted down all these tid bits on and these were the only ones that came to mind. So when I remember or locate the paper I will return to share them with you.

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