Monday, November 27, 2006

Do you remember me....?

All kinds of tid-bits because I do not know if I can get my brain to organize to many coherent thoughts all at once. So here you are in no particular order-

Ella asked me at the breakfast table "Mommy when I am six how tall will I be" then she asked the question that she was really had a burning desire to know "mommy when I am six can I drink Coffee, coke and beer" Hmmmm, how about we talk about that when you are six.

Bobo called my bluff last night when I warned her that Santa was watching and she better be nicer to her sister, she turned and said "Santa doesn't know me"

Sometimes when I am rushing around frantically and the girls are asking for something every three seconds I will say are you going to explode if you don't get-insert frivolous request here- right this second? I then usually hear an exaggerated yes. But on this morning while running particularly late Ella asked me to fix her tights and then quickly added "Mommy I will not explode if you don't fix my tights right now" That's when I stop and laugh and realize that I will not explode if I stop and help once in awhile even if it seems frivolous to me. Those are the moments that my children touch my heart as crazy as it sounds. All of the day to day seemingly little moments and actions really do add up.

Every time I get out of the shower Bobo tells me that I look like Barbie, flattery will get you everywhere including a trip to the eye doctor.

In the next installment I will tell you all about "Mr. Meaty" I bet you can not wait. Here is a teaser it is a game and a character that the girls partly borrowed and partly created. Until then.....

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