Thursday, April 20, 2006

Is spring springing?

We had a great Easter with the girls and our family. The Easter bunny showered the girls with treats as did family near and far, and the girls give many thanks to all who indulged them. How lucky they are, not to have gotten so many treats but to have so many who adore them. We decorated eggs the night before Easter and we all had a good laugh at Bobo's expense when she ate a big spoonful of vinegar and dye, I wish you all could have seen the look on her face. Unrelated to Easter bobo is doing very well potty training she goes back and forth between diapers and underpants but the process has been so much more pleasant than it was with Ella. Not that I am pinning that on Ella I will definitely take the blame for that, we tried too soon and Ella being a bit of a perfectionist had a hard time with anything but perfection which led to some problems. So I am just happy to spare Bobo the inexperienced potty training mommy ordeal. Another unrelated tid-bit Bobo has learned the word jerk and although I sort of cringe when I hear her say it the immature part of me just wants to giggle when I hear Bobo say "don't be a jerk Ella". It sounds so funny coming out of her mouth and it could be a much worse word.
The weather has been warming up and the bulbs are beginning to pop through the ground , I love this time of year all the anticipation of summer. When summer has truly begun it slips away so fast in Maine that I almost like this time of year better when all the promise of summer fun is still all ahead of us. The other great thing is that the girls get to spend so much more time outside and in doing so expend so much more energy. Which in my book leads to the ultimate parents reward, girls who fall asleep as soon as there head hits the pillow and stay that way until morning. I love my children but the night time games just kill me, at the end of the day I have no energy reserved for those antics. Ella has a master inventory of everything in this house and she knows exactly what will be hard to find and therefore what to ask for in order to stall for the most time.

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