Saturday, December 31, 2005

Christmas 2005

These two girls had a wonderful Christmas thanks to the generosity of the many, many people who love them. The whole weekend was spent visiting with family, special meals, playing, sledding, and of course opening gifts. Santa and their family were very good to them. I think it would be appropriate to label this Christmas the Christmas of Dora, along with all the other great gifts Dora definitely made her presence known. After all the celebrating the girls are overwhelmed and exhausted, they held on Christmas day until 3:30 and when the presents started to run out emotions started to run high. After a nap, no nap wouldn't be the word, after crashing out the world seemed right again. However it was about time to get in the car and head home which proved to be another challenge. We were so spoiled by our family that we couldn't fit all our loot in to the car. It was a great Christmas, Thank You to all our loved ones who made it so !!!!!

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